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i feel like every day i show up to work, im doomed to fail. I feel like im letting everyone down, and its just a matter of time before im found out. I run from this stress and shame with porn, and it only makes it all worse.


Hey friend, sorry that you are feeling this way. Is there a reason why you feel like you’re doomed to fail? What is provoking these thoughts? Why do you feel like you’re letting everyone down?

I think sometimes in heavy and intense stress we tend to really beat down on ourselves way too hard. It’s only natural that you would be drawn to turn to those things for comfort. If you want to talk about it, know that you can okay?



What makes you feel like you are doomed to fail and let everyone down? I know personally when I’m stressed I tend to be over critical of myself. It is easy to fall into that and start a spiral into feeling worse.

Remember you are loved and you are enough. You are here for a reason and there are people here to chat if you feel up to it

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You are being over critical. You need to silence this critic in your head. No one can make you feel doomed unless you do it to yourself.
Be self loving and compassionate towards your inner self. It takes time but be patient. It takes 65-67 days to build new habits. Be hopeful my friend.


I don’t know what if this means anything to you, but I believe that God’s not finished with you yet, and I’ll be praying for you. Keep holding on :heart: