Facing needing a change in career after being a ca

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Facing & needing a change in career after being a caretaker for 31 yrs…putting into action Faith over Fear


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Gosh this must be so very intimidating to face. Knowing that you have a huge, significant and long-term experience in a specific field, then having to come to terms with the fact that life moves you towards a different direction. It’s hard to accept changes that we didn’t envision not necessary wanted to know. The idea of being in the same area of activity for so long gives the relief of familiarity and knowing what you do. While what is on the other side now feels completely unknown, unseen, yet to explore. I can only imagine the maount of emotions and thoughts this would create in you. Especially this feeling of just building something for years, acquiring a significant experience in your life, then having to switch to something completely different, and feeling like having to start over again in some way.

I of course don’t know the circumstances behind this need for change, but my heart goes out to you. You have been a caretaker for such a significant time of your life, and it’s in itself a work that fires your soul when you do it. You don’t end up caring for others as your job just by mistake. It’s one of those works that is purpose-driven at the start, and it can feel like change implies to also change yourself, change parts of what make sense or was igniting something powerful in you at least at some point in your life.

I’m sorry you have to deal with such important change, although it’s so very powerful too that you are naming it and fully addressing it as such. Somehow, you could have spent a huge amount of time in denial - or still be in it if you experienced it -, but you are now here, opening up about it and strongly dealing with a reality that can be uncomfortable, if not unwanted. That is so strong and speaks so much of your own wisdom/growth when it comes to how you approach change in your life. There’s a road unknown ahead, but you are not letting it make you hide or crawl in because you know that wouldn’t serve you. At the opposite, you are standing on your feet, and trying to welcome this need for change at best of your capacity - both acknowledging the hope it generates and the fears attached to it. For what it’s worth from a stranger on the internet, I’m so very proud of you and feel inspired by your willingness to be open to what has yet to come, even if for now standing on this crossroad feels confusing, conflicting, frightening.

I hope with all my heart that this journey of yours will be as fulfilling as possible and lead you to destinations that are even better than you could expect. I also hope that the grief of leaving behind your previous career is something that you will give yourself as much time you need to process. Leaving the present to the past and moving towards an unforeseen future is intimidating and disheartening at times. May you feel supported and confident on your path. You got this, friend.

heartsupport thank you so much!

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heartsupport this was so heart felt & Spirit led, it’s like you were in my head & heart. God bless you! :two_hearts:

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