Faith, Trust, Hope, and a little Rock & Roll

We find ourselves alone, trying to write songs to people who might not hear, who might not like it when they do and who might never remember you after you’ve just given them everything you’ve ever worked for. There are long nights, early mornings, missed birthdays, missed funerals, missed weddings…for what? To make a few good vibrations come out of a speaker? To have a few people who don’t “get it” offer some type of compliments…it’s like they watched a macabre dance at a gothic club and don’t know what to say, so they say…“That was nice”, or maybe “cool stuff”. But I look back and realize that every moment of this was for me…I was made for them. I was made to cross a boundary. A boundary to a desolate land of over-emotional musicians, scattered through the hills, mountains and beaches of California. Never satisfied. A hunger that drives away food as a trivial thought. A hunger that drives me into the depths of Nights Cave, a place that I ought not be in. A lure. Allure.


Hey @TheBlackMarket - Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! Music is an extremely powerful tool used to massively influence people (for the better or worse) and science backs this up by studying the hippocampus of the brain. I wish the best for you and your endures!

What you do matters even if we cannot see it readily, don’t give up.

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Thank you for shaaring your deep passion and love for music! Music is truly the lifeblood of emotion and an art form that transcends emotions so beautifully.

Never give up and believe that you are less that you can be. Music is also a way in which emotions and thoughts from pen to paper can also be so rewarding and therapeutic.

I wish you nothing but the best as you continue to discover and unleash your talent. Hold fast and stay the course!


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You write very beautifully. I understand music is your great love but you should also write as well. It helps make sense of everything you are feeling and helps channel all that creative thoughts and put them into your music.

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