False Accusations and Anxiety

I’m falsely accused by things from time to time like anybody else. When this happens, I get anxious. More anxious than when its actually true. How do I overcome these feelings and face the situation?

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Being falsely accused never feels good. That’s pretty crappy. I’m sorry my friend. It’s hard to say how to handle it. I guess it depends on who and where the accusations are coming from.

Is it coming from people that don’t matter and places that maybe you need to distance yourself from?

Is it coming from a work place where maybe you need to pull aside a boss or a manager and talk to them about it?

Or is it coming from family or friends?

I don’t know the details so I don’t know how to really advise. But I hope that you’re able to talk to whoever is falsely accuse you and work it out.

Sometimes we can’t control the way people act and the things they do. We have to ignore them and know that what they say is not true. And move forward. Other times we have to communicate.

I hope it works out friend. I’m really sorry you’re dealing with that.

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