Family and new things are happening

So I have a half sister who’s got autism. So she hasn’t necessarily caught on to some of the social cues well. She picked up on some and has now started saying things like “I wish I was dead” and mentioning things of cutting. And the one line that really got to my step mum the most was “I want my pain on the outside to match the pain on the inside” which is something that I had said when I was really depressed.

My step mum has an appointment with a therapist to figure out what to do. But I feel so helpless. And I want to be able to help in somewhy but I don’t know how.

I know my step mum kinda has a better idea now of the things to watch for because she’s gone thorough it with me. But for me to help in someway. I don’t know. I have helped many of my friends but I feel like this is different because it’s my sister and I just don’t even know

Just be the brother that she loves. When she is depressed be there for her. Be her support. When you obtain resources about coping & managing just share them with her. This is enough.

Man, the guilt has gotta sear on your spirit…sucks to feel responsible – even in part – for someone’s pain…especially someone in your family :\ You’ve gotta give yourself some grace though, fluffy, because there’s no way you could have ever predicted the impact of your words, AND you were in such a difficult place – how could you expect yourself to predict the future?! I know it sucks – I remember causing my brother so much pain that he stopped talking to me and disowned me as his brother for a long time. But you can’t expect yourself to read other peoples’ minds.

If you want to help your sister, don’t do it out of guilt or obligation, but do it out of desire and compassion – you’ve been there and you know what it’s like to feel in that dark hole…help her out because you want her out.

If you need one, we can always send you a copy of ReWrite to give to her, if she would like one. Email me at [email protected] with your address if she wants one!


Oh yes. It might help having a copy of rewrite for her. It’s just so hard and my step mum hit me with that last night at about 8 and it’s now 24 hours later now and I’m still trying to process it. It was just a lot of information and how she’s doing it was a lot