Family issues... [vent?]

my parents arent acting like my parents anymore, acting more as strangers who hate me.
dad - tells me to shut up bc im annoying
mom - always rude and accuses - slaps me
bro - yk fights you, accuses you, beats you i believe is normal sibling stuff.
sis - rude
other bro - no contact with [lives states away]
literally cant vent to any of my family, i have a school [counselor] crisis therapist, but dont trust her, want a new one i dont know what to do anymore just wanna give up so badly it’d be my 14th…


Hi deathspere, welcome to Heart Support
It hurts when your family, the people who are supposed to be there for you and support you, treat you like that. You can always vent here if you need a safe place to vent. I find that writing helps me process my thoughts. I get that counselors/therapists can be hard to trust, especially if you’ve had previous experiences of people using information you trusted with them against you. Even though this may not help with the mistrust of the therapist, they legally cannot share your information unless you are in danger to yourself or others (this is called mandated reporting if you want to learn more about guidelines and rules).
Life may be hard now, but I believe in your in your strength to get through it all, even when you don’t know what to do.
“The most important thing is an unbreakable heart” -DRX Deft


From: ManekiNeko

that’s so hard for someone who’s still going through schooling and who I assume still are dependant on your family. There’s that barrier between standing up for yourself and upsetting the balance and family dynamic because you still need to live there. Do You have much outside support from other family members at all? The hitting is concerning, I don’t condone physical aggressive behaviour even in jest. Does your mum and dad know about your previous attempts? And is there a way to make a meeting with your therapist to see if you can talk to someone else? Your safety is so important and you are so important. It may be uncomfortable, but it could be an idea to ask your mum to come to a therapy session with you to discuss how you’re feeling with your family. Sometimes that third party helps them see where you are coming from and helos You feel validated. Sending you some love and good thoughts x

From: Microsmos

Hey friend. Thank you so much for reaching out here. I know you’ve mentioned in your title that it might be a way to vent, but we care about one another here, and really wanted to show up today and let you know that we see you. It must have felt so lonely and so isolating to be in a fmaily where no one listens to you – even worse, where others are hurting you. Family is supposed to be made of people who make us feel safe, loved, cared for. I’m so very sorry that this isn’t what is happening there. That love isn’t reflected in their behavior. I hope you know that it is absolutely not your fault and you haven’t done anything wrong. No one justifies that a parent slaps their child, or for a brother to beat a sibling up. You don’t deserve to be treated that way.

For what it’s worth from a stranger like me, I’m SO very proud of you that you are here today. So very proud that you are not giving up on yourself right now, but instead ar ereaching out. So very proud that you are seeing a counselor and seeking help. You absolutely deserve to be helped and supported through all of this.

Side question: have you talked to your counselor about the fact that you would like to see someone different? Would it be possible at your school, or could they eventually recommend an alternative service that would be accessible to you? It’s okay to ask for help, as much as you need.

You are loved. You have worth and you matter. Stay with us, and let’s get through this. <3

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Hi deathspere,
thank you for reaching out, welcome to Heart Support.
no one should be treated like that. no one deserves that. parents should support their childs. not slap you or
anything like that.
for a therapist, you really should feel trust is given, that the chemistry is there, that is most important when it comes
to that, i hope for you that you can find another one. are there also some communities in your area you can find
help in ?
to vent is one of many steps, important ones for sure. keep that up. things will often add to everything.
what seems to be an end, is a beginning for others. you are loved , you matter.
you are to be held, and not to be missed my friend.
you deserve all the good things in this world. like we all. it often seems as never given, or never found, but you will.
it takes energy and time. that we often don’t have. but it is worth the effort.
life is learning, life is doing better, life is love and kindness. life is blooming. it should be. you can be that.
treat others like you want to be treated, and you will see.
we are here for you anytime you need someone my friend :purple_heart: feel hugged

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