Family(possible TW)

i’m just so close to being done with everything. i don’t know how to deal with my family anymore, and even if i did, it wouldn’t change anything. i’m never gonna be good enough for them, and i’ve accepted that. the thing that really hurts though, is that i still want their approval. i know, crazy right? while they are shaming me for my deteriorating mental health, and my gender identity, and everything else, i still want to make them proud. idk anymore, i’m just so tired of trying, but i can’t let them go either. any advice?


Hey Brandon,

First of all, welcome to the HeartSupport community! We are so glad that you found us and we hope that you will feel safe, loved, and encouraged here.

After reading your post, I can certainly empathize with you. Family situations are so hard to handle, but you are not crazy for wanting their approval. That is only natural. My father struggled with a drug addiction for years and has never fully gotten sober since then. So he wasn’t around a lot when I was younger. He and I don’t have a good relationship because of his choices but I still want him to approve of what I am doing with my life and accept me for who I am. Family are supposed to be there for you and accept you no matter what, but because we live in such a broken world, it isn’t always like that.

I wish I had the answers for you, but just know that you are not alone. We care about you here and want the best for you. If you ever need encouragement again, please reach out. I would love to hear from you again.

Your life matters and you are so loved. Remember that you can create your own family as you get older. This pain won’t last forever.

“Family is not who shares the same blood, rather who you would bleed for.”


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