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so very much like last time with the warning before I continue on some bad stuff

so this that I’m talking about JUST happened and my mom and dad are just acting all happy with my little brother (7) like it didn’t happen as I type. for some background my little brother like I said is 7 and has some autisum so sometimes life is less than “normal” with him and today was one of those days.

so I don’t know what started this but I’m in my room and hear William screaming (mind you I’m upstairs across the house) then he comes to his room and locks the door after some arguing…cut forwards a little while later his door was locked and he refused to come out so dad (most likely) unlocked the door and insert me hearing screaming from both parties from my spot downstairs with SOUNDPROOF HEADPHONES on blasting music…i pause my music to hear its dad screaming stuff at William and William screaming and crying “let me go let me go please” (if you saw my last reach out for help on here you know why I would be scared right about now) this continues for a little bit and I’m scared shi-less but also want to run up there and protect my little brother. dad comes downstairs carrying my brother over his shoulder as he still pleads to be let go face red from crying. he’s put down on the couch and they try to put his shoes on, he kicks so dad hits his leg and I’m pretty sure says hell do it again, that or saying he just did. I’m livid and also scared and I just don’t know how to act to this, this isnt the first time something like this has happened and I know it wont be the last.


Hey @PhoenixL Thank you for your post, It sounds like you are in a horrible situation here along with your younger brother which is not your fault however it may be for you to reach out to someone on behalf on both of you. In your last post it was suggested that you either call the police or the appropriate child services, have you given that any thought? I know that is scary but they can help you. I would not advise you to step in between your Dad and brother as you could get hurt. You are in such a difficult position and my heart goes out to you. No one should feel unsafe in their home and most certainly around their family.
This should not be up to you to do but unless know an adult that can do it, you may have to find one. Please try for the sake of yourself and your brother, you both deserve that.
Let us know how you get on, and if you need any more help please let us know.
Much Love
Lisa :heart:

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@Lisalovesfeathers i dont really want to do that as if they come and leave e with them it will only make this worse and there good at covering this up along with that is what would happen when I am in cps custody. i could lose my loved one (partner)

just for clarity:
Is this a regular sort of event? Does you brother normally lock his door, and do they usually behave/react this way when he’s being defiant?
Could all the yelling be their way of coping with your brother’s behaviour when he’s locking himself in his room?

I read your other posts with the other confrontations, and I’m in no way discrediting that. Just trying to see what their “normal” way of behaving is, especially if your brother is also unaffected by it? I would think it’s not the ideal way to interact with an autistic child but maybe it’s more loud than abusive?

edit to add: this was just trying to look at the situation with new eyes, and i sincerely don’t mean to discredit any abuse that may be taking place or to excuse your parents if they are abusive, neither to blame your little brother, in any way.

@PhoenixL I am so sorry. What happened is incredibly stressful and distressing. Children may have special needs, it is part of the role of the parents to be patient. When a child is obviously stressed and scared, you just don’t insist on forcing them physically to do something that obviously creates distress in them, and makes them feel more unsafe as a result. Being touched physically for someone who has autism can also be very stressful, especially during a time of obvious crisis. Authority is part of parenting, but it should never instill fear like this.

What you described is very relatable to me with situations I have witnessed in my own family while growing up. Being in this environment where you feel like walking on eggshells because you’re not sure how your parents could react, feeling this strong urge to intervene in order to protect your siblings, freezing because of the fear. Your brother and you shouldn’t have to feel that way/be in an environment that make you feel scared of peope who should be a pillar of safety, even through arguments and disagreements.

Last time you’ve mentioned that your boyfriend was willing to help you regarding this whole situation at home. May I ask how is it going on that matter?

Sending lots of love your way. :hrtlegolove:

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