Father Not Accepting My Likes

So a month or two ago, I bought a Poland Flag on Amazon. When I got it the next day, I hung it up in my computer room. When my dad found out, he yelled at me telling me that I am not hanging that in or near “his house or he will burn it”. I told him that if he destroys my property, he will be buying me a brand new one and he replied “no the f##k I am not”. I then replied with “yes you are”. Then he asked me if he can see the flag. I showed it to him and he said “thats a foreign flag, we are americans, i will not let you hang that in my house.” I then proceeded to tell him that we are Allied with Poland, we are in the NATO together, We have supported them through the world wars and other wars. We supply them with resources and vehicles. He still decided to be a jerk and say “I dont give a F##k we are american and you are not hanging a foreign flag in my house”. I want you to keep in mind that his name is not the only name on the lease. The lease is also in my mothers name, so its not just his house. My mother has no problem with the flag and she thinks it looks nice. She let me explain to her what Poland is and how we are allies with them and all that. So a month passes. I am now moved into a new house. Me and my mother moved into a duplex without my father. The other day he comes over to move my air conditioner into my mothers window and as he is finishing, I am half asleep and I hear him say “gay ass flag” and me not thinking, I reply with I think either “the only thing gay in this room is you” or “I’m sorry that my flag is not good enough for you”. I guess it pised him off and I guess he flipped my mom off and said “f#ck you, you can put it in the window on your own” and left. I dont understand why he has to be such a dickbag… It’s 2019! We all have our rights to our own wishes and likes.If you cant accept that, then you need to go somewhere else. I will be adding a picture of what the flag looks like

Hey friend, I’m sorry he is taking out all this unnecessary anger on you. It sounds like his frustration is coming from somewhere else and this is the only way he can really channel it. Hes clearly just more upset that you won the argument before and got to hang your flag. People, especially dads, will be angry and stubborn about the most pointless things sometimes. You should be allowed to fly whatever flag you like, and I hope it’s up in a great spot!

Hang in there friend,

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Thanks for your response! He more than likely is upset that I did win an arguement. The only time I am going to accept him yelling at me is when/if I violate the Flag Code of the United States. If its not about the flag code then I am not going to give up on my arguement.

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