Fee out of control

Haven’t been on here in awhile, been going to my therapist every week so I guess it’s been about 3 weeks since I posted last. I didn’t expect it to be this hard to go to therapy. I’m a friggin mess man, I feel so out of control it’s not funny. I’m sappose to be in college right now getting my auto tech associates degree but I’m so low like I can’t sleep then I fall asleep and can’t get up early enough and miss class. I’m failing one of my two classes now and i can’t figure out what to do. Add stress at home and still fighting wanting to not be sober anymore. I have had like two mental break downs in a month and part of me wants to check into a hospital but like being admitted solitude not having my cats or my stuff makes my anxiety worse idk what to do but I’m a wreck


I’ve been through depression tanking my schoolwork. I feel your pain, the guilt spiral that the worse you feel, the more you miss, the worse you feel for missing more classes.

It’s good that you’re in therapy, and it’s good that it’s hard. You’re doing good work there. Unfortunately it’s happening at a busy time.

Getting treatment shouldn’t ruin your school career, it should help it. My advice would be to go to your professor, advisor, or the disability office, tell them you’re struggling with mental health treatment, and ask if they can help you out. I’ve had professors who recognized I was struggling, and gave me Incomplete grades for the class without me even asking, so that I could retake the classes without them counting against my GPA. I might not have had to pay for them, but I don’t remember. The disability office might allow you to medically withdraw, which would take you out of school without affecting your grades until you were ready to go back. Don’t be afraid to use the resources that are there specifically to help you, your future is too important to suffer through.

Hey thanks a lot for the response I got appointment with the school scheduled next week, your advice is good for me right now. Your right the guilt spiral and then everyone questioning me like I’m just being a bumb because no one seems to get it what I’m going through. Hopefully the school will be cool I just started my degree and really don’t want to jeopardize it but man I tel ya the spiral I’m in has been so hard this time and dosent seem to be ending so thanks for the advice! I really really appreciate it

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