Feel worthless

Hey I’ve been thinking about how worthless I am in everything nothing in the world can change the way i feel I wake up every morning wit a crippling pain can’t be me or do what i want ( my family r religious) what if i’m not here and this thing goes away I don’t have friends of even a job im not interested to be with someone cuz i’m not good enough and since the love of my life left me without saying anything i’m not enough for her or for myself the only reason stop me from committing suicide is her even after 2 years i can feel you around me



Hello. Nice to meet you. Welcome to HeartSupport. I hope you feel loved. I’m sorry you are not in a good place right now. Venting helps a bit. If you want a community to be there with you and for you, join HS’s Twitch channel and Discord server. There, you’ll build friendships. Thank you for sharing. God loves you.

Your’e not worthless. Even if you haven’t made friends yet, it’s still possible for you to make friends, and build skills, and it is never too late.

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