Feeling down again

For the past few months, I was doing okay. I was eating well, I was socializing with friends and I was meeting deadlines for my schoolwork. However, that all changed within the last few weeks. My eating habits went from decent to bad, I’ve fallen behind in my schoolwork and I’m failing all of my classes. I’ve found that I’ve been isolating myself more and more, and it’s getting harder to get out of bed in the morning. I haven’t felt this low in a while and it’s gotten to the point where my self-harming thoughts are also starting to return. I WANT to do well in school and get good grades… I WANT to be healthy… but I don’t know how to pull myself out of this low period of my life.

Hello there

CS Lewis once wrote (in the ScrewTape diaries) about the Law of Undulation which essentially states that we are bound to go through period of troughs and peaks in our lives. No one person can have life go smoothly all the time and conversely, it does not make sense that our lives will be one of never ending bad luck (despite what we may believe).

I am sorry to hear that you are going through a tough tie right now but it may be part of a recovery process. Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better. Maybe things appeared to have gotten better in reality when the root of your issues had not been dealt with, but only hidden. Either way, this must suck so here is a cute puppy.

Academic advice: prioritize the most important projects/tests for each subject (you can do badly in class tests and still get high marks overall by getting good marks where it counts).

Health advice: Drink lots of water if you aren’t already!!

Don’t give up. Hardship brings the opportunity for growth. If life was always easy for you, then you would never grow or achieve anything worth achieving and that to me would be far worse than the hard times you now face.

Hey there, thanks for sharing.
That’s so awesome that you had those months of success. Don’t take that for granted, make it a point to be proud of what you have accomplished. You’ve come far.
Isolation is a tough curse, we always do it to ourselves even though we know the negative benefits. We were made to do life together, as a community. And I think that simply posting here about it is the first step to returning to thriving in life like you were previously.
Take pride in the small victories you win every day. Did you wake up? Did you make it to school/work? Do you get dressed and brush your teeth? Simply pulling yourself out of bed is a battle sometimes, and when you win that battle it’s worth noticing.
Like @Tim_tries_hard said, something as easy as making sure you’re drinking water all day can have a monumental effect on your body and mind and it helps to give you that extra vibrancy and ‘oomph’ that you need to make it through the day.
Most importantly, remember that you are loved, and you matter.

Hang in there friend,

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