Feeling inadequate

I’m doing everything I can to express my love for this girl. I mean literally EVERYTHING. From spending every quality moment with her to great laughs, tearful moments, to exciting adventures, agitating differences, growing in every way, and just sacrificing so much of my time for her. However, here we are…her asleep after questioning (for the 20th time) if whether I think “she’s the best I’ve ever had.” And I tell her over and over again how appreciative I am of her. I understand this will never be enough to convince her because she has to learn that acceptance herself. But damn, for her to say that and leave me here awake and stressed that I’m not showing enough love is just messed up. I feel hurt, betrayed of my own feelings that she only focuses on what is convenient for her…Why would she just say something like that and fall asleep? Just what the hell makes her think that’s okay? This is unfair. I am upset with her and just want to talk about this.


Hi !
For what I have read, it seems that you are doing your best with this girl and this girl still doesnt believe it. I think that when a person don´t love her/himself they dont believe that someone can love them but I know that is hard to always do your best and still that person doesn´t believe it. I think that the best you can do is to talk with her and tell how you are feeling, remember you have the right to express your feeling to her.

And remember you can´t change her mind, she is the one that had to see that she is special, the only thing that you can do for ther, is to be with her and giving your best, for what I read, you have done more than enough.

I hope that you have a conversation with her and things end well. And remember you should be proud with yourself, because you have give more than enough with this girl.

I hope that you have a great day! Take care!


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