Feeling Like A Disappointment And Dont Know What To Do

Hey I’m 20 And I Have Been Suffering From Depression For A Little While Now. IVe Been Feeling Like A Disappointment to Everyone In My Family. i Dont Know What To Do. should I Stay To Myself? should I Just Stay Around And Act Like Everything Is Okay (Thats What I Do Best). I Cry Myself To Sleep Almost Every night Cause It Just Feel Like I’m Stuck Between Wanting To Just Distant Myself And Thinking That I Need Them To Be In My Life. I Just Dont Know What To Do And I Really Hope To Figure It Out Really Sooon.

It is easy to stick to yourself (I’m guilty of doing this a lot) but, it’s still good to be around people sometimes. You want to surround yourself with people that will mske a good surounding. Toxic people can make things worse. Feeling this way can be normal, but don’t listen to those thoughts that tell you you’re a disappointment. You aren’t a disappointment. Just be yourself with people and do your best in life.

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Hi @LaylaB,

Thank you for sharing and being here. :two_hearts:

The questions you ask are completely normal. It’s a balance to build over time. You’re also learning to set boundaries for yourself. Total isolation is not desirable for you and possible over-solicitations by your entourage either. You will learn, over time, to build this balance for yourself. If you have a therapist, don’t hesitate to talk to them about it, they could also give you some insights on the situation.

The fact that you have depression doesn’t mean that you have to lie, to pretend being okay or smile all the time when you’re with others. You can have times when you need to be alone and tell them too. You may also feel the need to be surrounded at other times. Both possibilities are absolutely okay and, you know, even without depression, we all need a bit of both. :wink:

Your family and beloved ones won’t love you less if you don’t feel okay. Just be yourself. They love you for who you are, a unique person on this Earth. They certainly want you to be happy, but for now there are also things in your life that you don’t control entirely. It doesn’t make you a failure. Only a human being who encounters some difficulties, as it can happen to us all.

Things are going to be okay. Sending much love your way. :heart:

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