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Feeling like I can't make friends and once I do and I hangout with them they hate me afterwards also I miss my bestfriend


I currently moved to Florida I’m originally from Ohio my boyfriend and I moved here to start over but since I moved here I’ve been depressed lately all my friends are in Ohio and its not enough to talk to them over social media I need human contact. Don’t get me wrong I love my boyfriend but sometimes its not enough I wanna make girls as friends but its hard here in the South. I thought I made a few girlfriends here but I hangout with them one time and then it doesn’t seem that they like me after they get to know me I don’t know what I’m really doing wrong. I wish I could just go back to Ohio and see my best friend who I have known since I was 12 years old her and I use to hang out everyday and talk but since I’m far away now we barely talk and its hard for me making friends here. I don’t know what I’m going to do and everyday my major depression has been getting worst… Please give me tips on how to make better friends who won’t hate me after they get to know me.


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Thank you for response and I do act like myself I’m always straight up with myself towards people I meet I think its because of how I dress which is normal band T’s and converse and some people don’t like it. Mostly everyone down here are preppy and I’m just an Outcast also I wish I could join twitch but my boyfriend said it will mess with my phone and that I need a laptop or some kind of computer.