Feeling like I do everything wrong in my life

For many years my mom has said things to me that i disliked whenever she gets angry and as I grew it stuck with me and now that I’m living independent it’s hard for me to get those things off my head and I feel like if I do everything wrong I’m unworthy and I feel like I’m not worth it all I feel like I’m a failure and all these thoughts are in my head like haunting me killing me inside and tears just pour out everyday and idk what to do with my life anymore idk how to handle everything on my own

Hey @Danielflores8 - I’m sorry to hear that your mom wasn’t very nice to you in the past. For some reason, even if we’re told 99 compliments, we humans always tend to focus on the 1 insult. I’m sure other family members or friends have sent you 10x more compliments - try to focus on those instead, friend. :slight_smile:

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They have and I’m trying to focus more on them and what they tell me but it’s like whenever I do something wrong my head comes back to the words from before

Hey friend,
My mum is a lot like that to, I understand the need to make her proud but in return receiving nothing but insults.

It’s hard and I know it may feel like this is true, but it’s not. You are amazing and wonderful and so much stronger than you know. Try to focus on the positives, prove to her that she’s wrong.

I know you can do it friend.

Hold fast,
Love Luna :heart:

What’s up Daniel,

Personally I feel like when people get angry, they blurt out anything that’s influenced from the negativity. Have you ever confronted your mother about those accusations? Maybe some closure can help put those demons to rest. I’m no doctor or anything, just trying to help a brother out. Keep grinding and keep doing you👊

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Hey guys thank you all I’ve confronted her before about it but she doesn’t understand and after all I say it doesn’t change what she says about me when she’s angry so I decided I left the house to avoid things that can hurt me you know

Well I’m sorry it had to be like that. Sometimes it’s better to just focus on you rather than other people, even if it’s family too. People can get angry but it’s whether they do something about it or not. You are strong. I know that because you’ve reached out on here about your problem and that can be the first step! Keep striving for the change brother

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