Feeling lost and uncertain

I’ve been stuck in a heavy depression for the past few months. Normally when I get like this I know the signs and can work on pulling myself out of it, but this time I can’t or don’t want to. The thoughts that run through my head all day is that I’ll be and do nothing in my life.

Up until this point, I’ve just chased a paycheck and now I’m in a job that I could really care less about and just go through the motions everyday. I never followed any type of passion and I now feel like it’s too late for me to pursue a career working in the music or sports industry or public speaking like I would want. The constant thought of this has beaten me down and it’s starting to take a toll on my relationships and pretty much my everyday life. I really don’t know where to go from here and feel like my life has been a waste and will continue to be that.

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Don’t get tricked by what is seen. There are tons of truths not revealed. Let me give you a piece of knowledge most people don’t know.

-This fact is about rich people. The Rags & Riches rich people most of them don’t get their fortunes until well into their 50s to 60s. I know we keep hearing about the young bucks that make their first million many times by the time they’re 16. We’re being tricked though. Most people we hear about media and society are focused on. The truth is a lot of the “Successful” only reach their goals either late in life or are up to their ears in debt even though they achieved their goals early in life.-

I find it odd a lot of ambitious people form family in their lives. Hate to stress it but obvious doing this is a distraction if you’re goal has nothing to do with having a family or having a family is not your main goal. You shouldn’t cause yourself to be distracted. (I’m not downplaying a family or saying if you have one you can’t achieve success. What I am saying you’re distracted because of it.)

Example: A lot of people desire to be rich or obtaining a form of material wealth. There are three simple signs that most likely you will not achieve any wealth.

  1. You’re in a relationship
  2. You have offspring
  3. Lack of education

Most people don’t achieve what they desire because they get a predominant distraction in their lives that take up their time. (Even me) It could be a situation, an interest or a person. It can be not doing anything to prepare like makin an outline or list to organize the little steps leading up to your goal. Most people are “I have a dream” on my bucketlist, but unlike a lot of successful people they either don’t do anything or as soon as they’re discouraged they quit. Anybody that is successful or read a book made by someone that is successful will tell you that “consistency is key and preparation helps.”

In other words, It is never too late until you decide that it is."

Thank you so much for reaching out. <3

I don’t think it’s ever truly too late to go a different route! When I was just recently an undergrad, I saw plenty of fellow students who were twice or triple my age. My dad didn’t become a teacher until he was 39, a year before I was born. Life changes all the time–there’s no cutoff age for things to be different.

Now, let’s talk concrete plans! Do you have any experience in the things you’re truly passionate about? If not, could you perhaps see about volunteer work in those fields? Or maybe even part-time work, if your schedule allows it? You don’t have to tell me, but those are some things to think about as starting points.

Obviously quitting your current job isn’t an option, but there are ways to get your foot in the door elsewhere! And even if you absolutely cannot commit to any other obligations, you can be keeping your mind sharp in the areas you love in other ways–practice music, watch sports, make up and deliver speeches to the mirror, or anything else you can think of.

Hold fast, friend. Things will get better, and it will all be thanks to you.

@beardman - what @prompto said is very true. Every college and university program I’ve ever been in has had a range of ages and backgrounds involved. It is never too late to try things. I’m 52 and I just started to learn oil painting, and I’m still learning things about myself as well. If you google there are all sorts of lists of people who started successful careers later in life. Not knowing how old you are I won’t offer statistics but very rarely outside of physical activities is age much of an object, and even in areas like sports and dance there are ways to be involved.

I want to say, as well, that I know that feeling of just chasing a paycheck, and I have worked jobs that were so mentally exhausting in their unpleasantness or dullness that I had a difficult time finding the energy to do anything but recover, let alone be creative, in my free time. That is a hard space to be in, and it’s easy to feel trapped in an unbreakable cycle. It’s okay to start really small, and what I have found is you will often find energy from your passion, even if you can only give it a tiny piece of your life to start.

Also, it’s okay to start something, decide you don’t like it or want to pursue it after all, and move on to something else. Or put something down and pick it up again later.

Finally, on today’s Support Wall discussion of your post, they suggested streaming as a place to practice public speaking, and I agree. There is also a group called Toastmasters International where learning and practicing public speaking is what they do. They have a website at https://www.toastmasters.org/ and there are a number of resources there as well as how to find a group near you. They are very supportive and you can get face to face feedback in a way you don’t get from an online situation, so that might be something to look at as well.

Hold fast, and if you join the Heart Support discord, check out the channel #dreamcrusher for a place where people are supporting each other in crushing goals toward achieving dreams of all shapes and sizes.

@beardman, you can’t trust those thoughts. If you’re in a job you don’t like, change it, no matter how old you are. It’s not too late to make your life something more. Make it what you are, and live for it. You have to work hard if you want to do something. Maybe you should talk to someone, a therapist, a loved one, a friend.
We believe in you

Thank you all for your words, I have taken steps to improve my situation and feeling really good about my future. Much love to you all.