Feeling severely hurt

I feel like no matter what I do I feel like i’m not good enough for anyone. I try to do things to make people happy like go to college but they constantly yell at me when I do. I feel confused cause I thought they wanted me to get out of the house more often but now they think I need to talk to them before I plan to go to school. they constantly snap at me to a point that I cry myself to sleep everynight and every day. I don’t know which way to turn and that I cant get out of this dark hole I dug myself into.

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Hey there buddy, I’m truly sorry that you have to go through such a frustrating/annoying/dark time. I’ve been there and I know how insane it drives us. But the first thing I want to tell you that, You Are Enough. okay? You Are Always Enough :slight_smile: Screw others who don’t appreciate the amazing you. You Are Enough. I’m so proud of you for being able to face all of this and still continue to do so no matter how much pain you’re going through. You’re incredible! It’s okay to feel the way you do now, it’s genuinely okay that it hurts. Your feelings matter and they are important, I’m just glad you voiced them out :slight_smile: It’s the smallest step on starting to feel a tiny bit better. Again I will stress those 3 words, You Are Enough. I know easier said than done, but in your own time and at your own pace, slowly learn to Stop living based on other people’s expectations. They are hurting you and you are already aware of that yeah? Do things that make You happy, whatever outside source of negativity that tries to bring you down can go eat cacti since they’re being such a prick. It’s okay that you’re unsure where to go, there’s no rush okay? Take it one step at a step, and you can start at learning how to put You as your main priority, self love as number one :slight_smile: I know it is incredibly Flaming to be constantly yelled at every single day, my mom told me it were best if I killed myself and giving birth to a piece of meat is anytime better than me. But you will get through this okay? Slowly, in your own time and at your own pace. All you have to do Now is to take very small steps to learn how to love and heal yourself okay? You matter a whole lot and i’m very proud of you for being so brave till this very day even if it’s making you bleed from the inside. You Are Enough. Tell yourself that every morning, evening, night. :slight_smile:

Hey Ricky!
I agree! You ARE TOTALLY, WHOLEHEARTEDLY GOOD ENOUGH!! I know it can be hard to accept that. I struggle with that too sometimes. But its the sincere truth! It seems like you’re doing what you can each day to better yourself. And thats great! Friend, Gods got you, Hes there to help you. Through the midst of my dark trials, i found His help.
You’re doing great. I’m proud of you.
Theres a song that totally helped me when i felt the same way and that is “This is Me” from the Greatest Showman. Idk if you’re a fan of the movie or not but listen to the lyrics and try singing it with Much Gusto! Stay strong and rock on!


Thanks I love this song so much. I never thought I would feel so strong after singing along to it. I feel like I can break any barrier in my way. Thanks for the wonderful song share and the powerful message. It really helped me through alot.

Ricky P

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Hi Ricky, thanks for sharing.

I know how frustrating it is when you feel you’re not enough for anyone. Have you ever tried asking yourself “am I doing enough for myself?” instead of “am I doing enough for the others?”. Truth is, no one will ever be completely satisfied with anybody, and that’s completely fine. Your confusion is completely ok, but I believe the key here is talking, Talk to them, and see what happens. The result will surprise you.

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Pioggia :sunflower:

Dude i’m so glad man!!! Stay strong <3