Feeling Stuck and Counselling's not working

For the last couple months I have been feeling so stuck in my journey through my mental health/recovery, and in some ways have been feeling like I am sliding backwards. I have been going to counseling/therapy, but it’s not helping to propel me forward. I don’t need to vent to someone, I need help moving forward. As I have been looking around for other forms of help, I am not finding anything that would meet my needs, it seems to be therapy/counseling or nothing.

What do all of you do in terms of help in getting better?

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Peer Support
Vocational Rehabilitation services
Spirituality For me it is a combination of being Humanist, Agnostic & Pagan where I develop a positive honest perspective on the environment, people, individuals, society & the world.

I observe, interact, research and act on improving myself, my interaction and my environment.