Feels weird/wrong to post about myself

From baelzabub.: Honestly not really looking for help or support, just sorta venting since i don’t want to burden anyone IRL with my personal problems. I have a number of lasting injuries added onto an undiagnosed heart problem. I tried working multiple times and couldn’t sustain a job due to one health problem or another. For several years now, I’ve unfortunately had to burden my younger brother with helping me rent and food wise. I feel terrible having to burden and trouble him, but he doesn’t mind much due to the fact i help him mentally as much as i can. I’ve been called his “spirit animal” alot while hes drinking because i can relate and help stabilize and calm his brain. But im at the point where I’m just so tired in general. I struggle to sleep, eat or maintain basic upkeep of my place. I’ve lost interest in most of the things that kept me busy/entertained at least enough for me to retain sanity and suppress my anger issues. Main problem is that the anger problems, use to get unleased against unanimate objects. But most things broke, so instead I chose to either punch/abuse myself in one way or another since my body was sturdy and durable. Theres more to say, but not sure how to word things for now. May come back and say more if i can sort what i want/need to say

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I just want you to know that we’re so glad you reached out! Sometimes just being able to write out what we’re dealing with and feeling can be a relief and the start of healing. I’m so sorry you are dealing with ongoing health issues. I’m sure that’s exhausting and frustrating. Please know you are not alone, you are not a burden, you are loved and welcomed here!

Hey my friend. This sounds like such a whirlwind of events and I am so sorry that you’re having to grapple with it. The way you feel makes sense, and I cant judge you for any of it. heartsupport — Mozilla Firefox - Feels weird/wrong to post about myself - Social Media / Support - Discord - heartsupport — Mozilla Firefox - 16 May 2024 | Loom