Financial aid for college

As everyone in college knows, the FAFSA is done in October for the next year.

And everyone who applies for Financial Aid knows that unless you’re independent, you have to include your parents personal and tax information.

So here’s my dilemma:
My parents won’t file their taxes from 2016, so we can’t do FAFSA, and my tuition is due on July 31st. THATS TUESDAY.

That wouldn’t be bad if my parents were actually trying to get their stuff done (I’ve been begging them since October). But now they won’t even reply to my messages.

So I’m here feeling lost. If I could do this without them, I would have by now. I just don’t know what more I can do.

Hey @mkthorn ,
Let them know how you feel. Tell them what the need to know. Maybe they are just busy but let them know you need there help and they need to help you ( if this doesn’t sound greedy). I’m sorry your going through this . I don’t know if this is gonna help. Remember you are worth it and remember to hold fast friend . We love you

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Hey friend,

I am going through the struggle with college right now too- just in different ways. I don’t know how I’m going to pay for it and I don’t know what to do- but I guess I will figure it out.

You are not alone. We are here for you. Hold fast.


Did your parents say why they did not file? I’m sorry that you are going through this. Stress to them the importance of the situation because it is essential to your goals and your future. Keep hanging in there and keep fighting because your goals matter.


Hey @mkthorn,

If you haven’t brought up your concerns with your parents, please do that as soon as possible. Stress that it’s due on Tuesday (tomorrow) if you haven’t done so already. They care about you and are proud of you to see you going through college. I hope things work out! Please keep us updated.


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Sorry for a late update, I’ve still been working stuff out. But thank you for the support!

I talked to the financial aid office at the school on Tuesday (I was at warped on Monday) and they said that I just need to make my dad finish FAFSA, and then to apply for an alternative loan.

I got step 1 done, but in order to apply for a loan, I need someone to co-sign. And every time I ask about who I could get to co-sign, my parents don’t reply.

And I heard back from FAFSA, and I can’t get any kind of help until my dad files his taxes. So I asked my mom why he won’t/can’t and she said she doesn’t know…

So that’s where I am. Any more advice would be amazing, and if anyone knows of any loans/scholarships I could get, please let me know.

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And another update!

My dad is going to file his taxes tomorrow, and he said the only issue is being able to pay to get it done.

However I am paying for him to get them done, and if that’s the only issue then I’m even more upset because I could have paid 2 months ago, and I wouldn’t be in this situation.

Frustrated is an understatement.

Hey @mkthorn - Have you tried going through your bank for a loan?

SUPER BIG UPDATE: Some of my financial aid went through!! I still owe some to the school but it’s a huge step in the right direction!

And to answer the question about a bank loan, I would need someone to co-sign with me, and none of my family would work, so I’ve been trying to figure out who I could ask.

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