Finding happiness and is he the one

Hey friend

So I started to talk to someone who went to High School with and graduated with. I never talked to him till a few weeks ago. He not my type but it something different. Opposites attracted you know. I’m happy don’t get me wrong but I’m unsure if he the one. I want a relationship but unsure if it going to be him. He keeping a secret he didn’t want to tell me. I asked a co worker for advice. He said maybe it something hes unproud of. I get it everyone is shame of something.

But I have mix emotions about this new relationship of friends. So if anyone can give me advice on this.

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Hi Hannah!

Whew! I have had my share of relationships in my time, and let me tell you, they are some confusing times. I totally understand how you’re feeling here. I suggest really taking the time to get to know this person. If this is someone you haven’t talked to until just recently, I’d go slow in regards to getting into a relationship. Make sure that it’s something you both want instead of getting into it just for the sake of having a relationship. Make sure that he values you, and respects you. If he’s hiding a secret, it doesn’t necessarily make it a bad thing (depending on what it is, obviously), but there has to be trust and communication involved. You don’t want to go into it having mixed emotions, because you have to watch out for yourself overall. Your mental and emotional well being are just as important.

Keep us updated, hun, and take it slow. If this is meant to happen, it will, and it will be so worth it.

<3 Tara

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