Five years later after my life changed @Kitboga

On Jan. 8 2024, it will be five years after I woke up to find my house on fire. I lost my pets, my home was looted, and friends lied and stole from me as well. I had no homeowners insurance. I was in the hospital for 4 days for burns, and I knew I had two choices - curl up and cry or rebuild. I had chosen to get out of the house even though I knew my life was going to change forever, and thankfully I was able to get out. It’s still a struggle to deal with the anger about what happened, for I feel anger more than the sadness over my loss.

But, things have gotten better. While I’ll never be thankful for the fire, good has come from it. I found an amazing new career, I have a small apartment with a loving cat, and I try to surround myself with positive people. People like Kitboga. Hearing that I matter has really helped when things get dark.

Jan. 8th is remembered with a day off work every year, but to celebrate “Glad to Be Alive Day” and not the anniversary of the fire. While I wished I could have gone from fire to where I am now, I learned valuable lessons about who my friends are and what I should surround myself with every day.

Everyone deserves to have people who care about them, and people do care. You might not know them yet, or they might be someone you connect with through a stream like Kit’s, but people do care. It will get better, but it’s okay to mourn what you have lost.


Welcome @TheDruce! And thank you so much for sharing all of this.

Losing your home 5 years ago must have been such a shock, and it makes sense that this event has been a pivot in your life ever since. I’m personally so thankful that you are here today and survived this tragedy. It’s often these tragedies that generate the most powerful changes in our life, but as you described so well it could be for the best or the worst. You chose your way afterwards, you chose to rebuild the pieces that were broken and to process all the grief that these multiple losses created. I wish you didn’t have to be disappointed and betrayed by people who were friends to you, although am truly thankful that you didn’t let this experience make you give up on the very possibility of being cared for and caring for others. It’s heartbreaking to lose trust in some people, and at the same time comforting to know that the ones who are left are genuine.

Thank you for the words of hope and resilience that you convey in your message and through your story. It’s absolutely priceless. <3

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