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Flashbacks that never have occured before

I wont go into detail butthere are 2 different things that happened gave me sexual truamas and i have never had flashbacks before i dont have PTSD or anything but in the past few months i have now had 2 flashbacks my friend told me thats what they are its like im there again and they play on repeat over and over and my first flashbqck it felt like 2 min come to find out it was 10 my mom does not know and when puting in info for a therapist that i wont be seeing now but we thought i might i told him to put past truama as an issue he looked at me like i was ridiculous and went “really?” In a you dont know what ur talking about stop being dramatic kinda voice and so im almost afraid to ask anyone for help with these flahsbacks in fear of people thinking im faking or that im ridiculous i didnt even know i could have flashbacks cus it happened 11 years ago thats more then a decade so why would i just now start having flashbacks?


Hey Fallen, I would definitely encourage you to seek out a therapist. I’m not sure where you and your parent landed on the issue of seeing a therapist in general, but I honestly think it would be really helpful, especially for things like flashbacks. I didn’t experience sexual trauma, but I have been in abusive situations, and the triggers and flashbacks can last years and come on super randomly. I’m sorry your parent is not taking you seriously, it’s hard to find your voice sometimes, but if you can talk to him about the flashbacks, maybe he’ll listen and then you can talk about the trauma as well… That might not be feasible, but you won’t know until you try. Much love to you, and I hope your healing progresses as smoothly as possible.

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I did have a therapist i stopped seing her it was not working out i get a new one in january after we move towns


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