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FluxFer Fan #6

I’m gay and somedays I keep getting hate about it. I shouldn’t feel afraid to talk about it or feel sad about it, but sometimes is hard.

It’s the worst to feel like you’re trying to be honest about who you are and for people to just cut you down…it feels like – why?? Why do you even care?? Why can’t you just accept me and talk to me like all of the other human beings you engage with? It doesn’t feel fair, and it feels like it cuts you deeper than they could ever understand…especially because it’s an open wound…so the next time hurts worse than each time previously…it makes you fear that you’re always going to be misunderstood, always going to be judged, always going to be alone. I’m sorry you’re in that place friend. I’m thankful you chose to open up about your heart, and I want to say: I see you, I accept you, and I’m honored you shared. You’re not crazy, and you’re not alone.