Forever and alone

No one talks to me at school except for one person. I was so upset today over the fact that not even the parents I have left would talk to me and was basically cuddling with him. His boyfriend got really jealous, and when I tried to talk to him to explain what happened, he turned a cold shoulder. I tried to text him, and he just brushed me off. I try to talk to my girlfriend that goes to a very anti-gay Catholic school, and she ghosts me for a couple of days and then texts me a random “I love you” or a problem she has when I text her back, or first, she doesn’t respond. I don’t know what to do anymore, I’m so alone. If I walk out of my room, I’m forced into silence, if my sister is there, I can’t open my mouth without getting interrupted. My brothers hate me, my dad doesn’t except the fact that I still am afraid because of my mother, and I can’t be around my stepmom because of what my real mom did. The kids at school hate me. I’m done.

I wish I had the answer for not being alone. Literally is pretty easy to fix. Yet when you’re around people and you feel alone. It is way so hard to find the answer for a feeling. I struggle with this everyday. I know there are things about me my family dislikes/hates. I know they love me. I’ve people I care about that care for me. It is hard to believe this sometimes when you feel all alone.

What do you do when no matter what you just don’t belong?

I wish that I had an answer.

Come talk to us. We’ll listen. We’ll communicate with you. We’ll share with you.

Be strong. Hoping the best for you.