Fresh Start - Post #2

Hello, Today I got a feeling that it might be better for me if I just started my life over again. I feel that I need to quit everything so that I can relieve all my stress and issues and focus on what I need to. But there is an issue if I do this! If I do this I will be screwing over alot of people and friends. I have made alot of progress with some communities and I run one of my own and if I quit, I will be breaking so many promises and ruining so much progress that I worked so hard for! I just feel trapped because of school and everything else. I do not know what to do! Should I betray so many people that I made promises to? Should I stay and suffer all this stress? Should I ruin all the progress I worked so hard for? I just do not know!

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Hey @vigilantepitbull

Its good to hear that you have made progress, that’s pretty awesome. It’s also awesome to hear that you are running some of your ow communities, that honestly doesn’t sound too easy.

I think something that may help you in the situation you are currently facing is honesty. Be honest with the people around you. You can’t give everything that you have to the people around you, you need to prioritize your own mental and physical health. That being said, breaking promises is not a good thing to. I’d urge you to cut the ties that will cause the least damage first and think deeply about the commitments you currently have. It could be that you are being pressured by others unfairly into doing more than you can handle (I was in this position in high school and I could have saved myself and those around me a lot of pain by just saying no at the right time.)

Best of luck moving forward. Remember that you need to help yourself first before you can truly help others.

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@Tim_tries_hard Thank you for responding! I will try to be honest with some of the people and explain to them that I am having some issues with life. I am also currently in High School and it is also frustrating because I am close to failing this year due to this whole issue.

Sounds like you may need to just connect with some people and let them know where you are at. Explain to them what you have going on and just need to step back.
Im not sure who these people are and what kind of promises you made. But being open and honest about where you are at is probably a good thing.
If they are unhealthy or toxic people, then you don’t owe them anything.
I hope that you are able to do what you need to do whether you stay where you are or you make changes.
Wishing you the best of luck.

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