Friend is going through a breakup

Hey guys,

My friend’s girlfriend dumped him yesterday. His girlfriend has actually had five boyfriends before him and she apparently CANNOT keep one. They dated for about two months. My friend is the kind of person who gets emotionally attached to someone very quickly, and he’s depressed now. He’s stuck at college. I can’t talk to him 24/7 because I’m really busy most of the time, but when I do talk to him, I don’t know what to say. What should I say to help him out, because I’m honestly worried that he’s going to do something desperate. Again, something like this happened in December, when his girlfriend of three years dumped him.


Hey there,

Sorry to hear about your friend.

A few things you could give him is

1.) A link to here. So he can talk out this feelings even if anonymously.
2.) A link to betterhelp which offers a 7 day free trial of online counseling - Or recommend him to see a therapist at school. I know that there is often availability for that through schooling.
3.) Self Harm Crisis TEXT line that he can reach out to
4.) in case he ever gets feeling really low
5.) A list of resources available through Heart Support. There is a book and guide through depression and self harm there that can be purchased for a low cost. I think some of them are even available if you have kindle unlimited.

These are a few things that you could offer him, depending on the situation and how he’s feeling. But the wall is always a place he’s welcome to come and share on. There is also the Heart Support discord

Hope this helps

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