Friendship problems

I’ve been hanging out with a group of friends for a few weeks now and have taken a particular interest in one of the guys. I was flirting with him for a while in the group, and he flirted back…but then he sends a picture of a girl “squirting” and says “that’s you” and sends it to my friends while in the call. I got upset and I said it sucks to have someone say that to me especially someone I like. I left and went to go cry. My friend laughed at the joke when he sent it to her. She messages me and blows up on me that I can’t take a joke and that I don’t know anyone and that I was in the wrong…she blew up on me in the conversation and when I tried to explain my point she said “you needed the last word? You already said those things” and kept saying “you try to re-enforce your hurt over others hurt for that?” When I was only explaining how it affected me. so I just apologized and went offline…I wish I could learn to take a joke. I wish I wasn’t such a fucking moron and idiot. It’s all my fault.

My dear friend,

What they did to you is messed up- they don’t deserve you in their lives. Some people don’t understand the effect something like that can have on a person. It is messed up of them to do that kind of thing.

You don’t deserve this pain.

If these people continue to hurt your and put you down and act like this I encourage you to remove them from your life.

I love you. I’m here for you. You don’t deserve this.

Hold fast.

With love,
Lyss (ur old pal Blurryface)

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Hey friend,

Don’t let anyone belittle how something makes you feel. You’re entitled to be offended by whatever you want.
That being said, I do understand it was meant as a joke, and I’m sure he didn’t say it to offend you. I’ve been on the other end of the situation, most of the time he’s just trying to flirt and because we’re awkward dudes we often make mistakes. Just let him know how it made you feel and hopefully he will take that into account.

Hold fast,

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I’m just going to say even if it was a joke it doesn’t make what he did right.

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Friend, a joke is only a joke if it’s funny. When it’s hurtful or cruel, it’s abuse; not a friendly joke. You have every right to be hurt or upset by this. If it made you uncomfortable or hurt you, then it’s not something that should be joked about. And if your friends don’t care that they upset you and won’t listen to your feelings, they sound like pretty crappy friends. It sounds to me like you handled the situation as best as you could; explaining your feelings and why you were upset. It’s not your fault that your friend got mad at you about it. You’re not in the wrong here; they are. I’m sorry you have to go through this situation though. It sucks and I know it’s gotta be hard. You’re strong, and you’re gonna get through this though, okay? We’re here for you!


Gotta be honest, I have a lot more male friends than female friends and no guy would send a chick they are flirting with some nasty crap like that and then send the “joke” to other people so they can laugh at the person’s expense. That’s nasty and cruel and it sounds to me like thinly veiled bullying. I wouldn’t give those guys the time of day if they are going to act like that

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Hey friend. I get you. Feeling like an idiot, I get it. But it depends on who’s perspective you’re seeing through. I don’t think you’re an idiot, you’re just confused and hurt and that’s okay. You feel like one, but to me and others you are not. People are complicated and confusing, and you shouldnt feel like an idiot because of that. I believe in you. You can learn to take a joke, if you think carefully before you say and text. You’ll learn, I know you will. My hope goes to out to you

There are also limits to jokes- as Jess said earlier if it is hurtful or rude it’s not a joke. Sometimes it’s not just learning to take a joke- it’s different.

Hold fast.

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