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From adept_in_ineptitude: why things always seem to go wrong with very little going right


It can be hard when you run into one set back after another. It feels like it can be and endless free fall. I know it sounds cliche to say that things get better and that good will come, but I do have hope. And if you ever need to talk through it, we are here for you

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Hi friend, thank you for sharing. often we focus so much on the our struggles and worries, that we don’t see
what is going in right. many people, like me included, when good things happening, we also focus on what
is going wrong. that is what made me learn to visualize more things for myself. maybe that could be something for you too. write all down. then you will see your progress more, you remind yourself more what is going right.
and also like @ManekiNeko said, when you stay positive, get on things with a positive attitude, good things will come.
believe in yourself , you will do great. you are loved and you matter. stay strong, you are doing great !
feel hugged my friend and have a wonderful day :purple_heart:

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Hi friend, I ask myself that question soooo many times but I think that I have found the the answer.

I think it just feels like that because I think things go right a lot its just that we want them to, we expect them too and we take them for granted so we dont even think about it, its just every day righterdom (I just made that word up}
When things go wrong, they go wrong and its horrid or bad or rubbish and awkward and annoying and all the negatives you can muster up and we can count every single one.
so at the end of a day its
things gone wrong -10
things gone right - errrrrm oh maybe a couple

So anyway that is my theory, try to notice when the right things happen too if you can and as @ManekiNeko says if you need to talk you can find us here
Wishing you a good day. Much Love Lisa x

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