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From chicanodel7: my family is over…i got ptsd…and need find a home. Please pray for me.


I will. Stay safe! Share a bit more of your struggle if you want.

I’m so sorry you’ve been going through all this. My thoughts are with you, as wings has said, if you need to talk through it we are here to listen.

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Sending you loving thoughts for all that you wish for and need, if you need to reach out to us at heartsupport on our forum to, if you need a friend you will find us here Much love to you friend. Lisa xx

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Stay safe, becareful.
More than welcome here to express.

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So hard to feel like the thing that matters most to you is falling apart. It is hard to LITERALLY watch sand fall through the cracks in your fingers and try to grasp it, but it is no use…it’s an overwhelming feeling of despair and powerlessness…