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From chris.ho22: It will only get harder.


hi chris, thank you for sharing. what makes you believe this way ? life is always a constant up and down,
life is hard. life is unfair. we all are going through that, we all have our struggles, we all have different
experiences, some are more blessed then the others. often it is hard to keep your head up, to have the
strength to life or see the good out there.
words can also be an impact to others sometime, words of kindness and encouragement.
also there is so much more out there that is worth living for. there is beauty and bloom, there is kindness
and joy. to see all of that, takes out energy from ourselves, it takes a lot of strenght, but it is worth it.
let people know your struggles, reach out to close ones, family and friends.
you are loved my friend, you matter. feel hugged and have a nice day. :purple_heart: take care