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From circuitboyscott: I just turned 49 and am having a midlife crisis. I always feel like the best times of my life are over. It mskes me so increedibly depressed.


hi circuitboyscott, thank you fro sharing this. getting older in life, brings more worries, more toughts like
that even more often. we all go through this. also year ist just an age. yes, your body might not be in his
peak anymore, illnesses affect us more often as we were younger. when is the best time in life ?
when you make it. what you make out of it. the time we have, we should always do whats best for us,
what brings us joy and beauty, with the people we love and care about. we should start with that, all of us.
it is your decision what you do, your decision if you have or will have a good time. i know it is easier said
then done, also in my case. maybe you give it a try and you will notice to feel better, small steps matter
most. you are doing great, you are loved and you matter most. feel hugged my friend :purple_heart:

It makes sense to feel depressed as we see time going on. It is almost a constant invitation – or pressure – to reflect on ourselves, on our life, and ask ourselves what we’ve accomplished, but also what’s left to explore. I am younger than you, but oftentimes I feel the way you do because the time I have lost to mental health struggles. One could debate that it wasn’t lost if it was necessary to heal, still it is felt as a profound injustice most of the time. But your life is not over, friend. This is a season in your life, a time of emotional transition with its weight to carry. You are meant to be stuck in that state. From resignation and fear, a new sense of wonder and excitement can emerge. You still have so many beautiful experiences to have, heartwarming memories to create – you still have the ability to love and be loved, which couldn’t be more foundational. You are alive, present, your heart craves for more and it WILL get more. There is a call for something new, a unique spark in your heart that can become a fuel for the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Time goes on, but ultimately it’s all about the way we spend it, its quality, and the way we perceive it. You may hold in your heart right now memories of times that felt like a wonderful eternity – in the arms of someone you love, in the sense of accomplishment and success for something you worked for, in the contemplation of nature’s beauty and wonders… this world is full of magic and opportunities to seize time differently, to make it lasts longer, feel deeper. You are not meant to only be an observer of yourself or your age changing. You are investing that time and will keep doing so. That is one of our greatest superpowers as human beings. Never let the perspective of time going on being something that will prevent you from living more. You have SO MUCH to give and receive, still. <3

Man, getting older can suck. Sounds like there’s been some opportunities in your life that you have missed out on or moments you’d love to go back to instead of where you’re at today. The fact that you keep thinking that the good times are over seems that it’s possible that they aren’t actually over. Would it be crazy to say that at every milestone you look back and think they are because the depression of not being there now is a burden and makes the future seem uncertain? Is it possible to look around and find something to be grateful for today? Something to look forward to tomorrow and work towards the ability to achieve and focus on that goal/purpose? I’m glad you are here and reached out, the fact that you did shows that you have something within you that is resilient through these hard times friend.