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From codexguitar: I feel this! Some days are easier than others. Sometimes life can just be alot to handle. I have anxiety on the norm

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“On the norm”- I like that wording.

Yeah. Hard to feel like things never quite “catch up”. Are always slightly off. Like you’re never fully OKAY. There’s always something tripping you up, a thought or insecurity or fear. And when things never fully “rightsize” it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Because when you ware down, slowly get drained, find yourself exhausted - it’s hard to imagine having the ability to make things okay, since you can never do it even when you’re good. But the fleeting moments when life settles and things are fine, it drips you with this hope that almost feels teasing. Because then the faults creep in, and you’re fighting again to get things alright. Like a balancing act that is never quite stable.