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From dimaria.joe: LOVE MY MOM, all 90 years and 5" 1 of her , but i notice her losing her memories and thoughts, i think about her all the time.


hi dimaria.joe, thank you a lot for sharing. it is hard so see a loved one, especially the own
mother in a status, mood like that. my toughts are with you and your mom now. you are
very strong my friend. i could imagine that your mom is so proud of you, that you care about
her, that you love her. we are, i am proud of you. that is really something beautiful. think of her
in all the good ways you can, she deserves that like you also. you are loved, you matter !
reach out to us anytime if you like, we are happy to be there for you. feel hugged my friend :purple_heart:

Hard to carry that kind of weight that you can’t fix. Things get harder, which makes it harder to want to engage because it forces you to face and accept some kind of reality where your mom isn’t okay, which makes it heavier with guilt that you don’t want to engage - it is just a weighty cycle man. Mortality. It all is just…idk. Hard to describe, hard to accept, hard to face.