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From fritzy1128: I was raped and sexually assaulted when I was very young. It was my first time. Told no one. Only certain people in my circle know. Fast forward to being mentally abused as an adult in what was supposed to be a loving relationship. Still dealing with the trauma, but I’m in a much better place these days.


@fritzy1128 love you too mama always!!!:heart::heart::heart:

@landri_liftsalot so are you my sister. Love you much.

@fritzy1128 I am so sorry that happened to you! You’re a warrior sister!

You’ve been through so much and you are here today, standing up, stronger than ever. There is so much strength, bravery and resilience in your message. Thank you for sharing these parts of your story. Thank you for not letting others hatred and the pain they inflicted dictate your life in the present. Thank you for being here and showing to the world how worthy of love and respect you are. What they did was not your fault. Existing will never be something to be guilty of. So proud of you for sharing your voice today. <3

@heartsupportwall4 thank you so much. :face_holding_back_tears:

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@heartsupportwall4 Thank you that means everything to me!!! I’m thankful for the opportunity to have a voice so I can help others!!! I am thankful for a community of such amazing people and the support continues to give me strength everyday to keep going and keep growing!!! :pray::pray::pray:

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hi fritzy, i feel so sorry to hear all of that. i feel so sorry for what you have gone through in your life.
my toughts are with you. it is not your fault what happened. overcoming a trauma is so hard, and no human, no
one should ever have to experience something like that. that are things that should never happen to anybody
out there. you are stronger that you can imagine, you have a strength in you, that is a inspiration for others.
it is good to know that you are in a better place now, because you deserve that. you deserve so much more.
you deserve a life, full of beauty and kindness, of people who deserve you, because you are worth it, you matter !
you are beautiful the way you are and you make this world a place, worth living. you show heart with your post.
your family and friends are proud of you, we are, and i am. you can be so proud of yourself. feel hugged and
have a wonderful day :purple_heart: