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From gilmore.girls007: beautiful kicks! @popevil saw you and @zillion with my sister this summer in Niagara Falls, NY and it was amazing! Was such an amazing and intimate experience :heart:. I struggle with ptsd anxiety and depression but i live to fight another day because i have a beautiful daughter and my mom and sister and nieces to live and love. In February i will be 8 years sober so if anyone out there is struggling you can do it, and you are enough. You are here for a reason and there is someone that needs you. Be the reason someone smiles today, give that stranger in front of you at the store a compliment or just say hello. You may just save their life. :mending_heart::mending_heart:


sounds like you have a lot of experience of overcoming, and that is awesome. Not only with your addiction, but with your daily struggles, refocusing on the things that matter most: your family and your dear ones. It’s hard to be an overcomer and still carry so much to combat. Yes there is a strength knowing that you absolutely can do this. But there is also an exhaustion of - haven’t I already done this? Haven’t I already had my fair share of struggles? Why can’t things just be BETTER now? And that kind of relentless weight can be a lot to manage. Proud of you for continuing anyways, even when it’s gnawing and difficult.

From: ManekiNeko

congrats on 8 years! Wow it’s always so so wonderful to see these kinds of messages that give hope to so many. You don’t know how much your journey and your words impact people. I just want to celebrate you and where you are right now. Thank you so much for bringing such a big light to this community.

hi friend, thank you so much for sharing these words of encouragement. you can be so proud of yourself.
we are, and i am. you are loved by your daughter, your family and your friends. you made our day with your
message. it made us smile here and we start, and end the day in a beautiful way, thanks to you :purple_heart:
you matter. feel loved and hugged.