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From jackthejew1: i can relate, writing is an old way that i was able to grasp my own thoughts and even let my own thoughts be shared to others because i lack the ability to sometimes express how I’m feeling into words due to the fact of being overwhelmed and letting my thoughts consume me. This is one reason why music is my escape from reality and helps me feel like I’m not alone.

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Yeah jack - there’s this weird threshold that our thoughts can get stuck on when trying to convert them into words. It’s like there are bouncers at that door being like - wait hold on a second, you can’t go out there, you’ll look like an idiot! or they won’t understand you. But when those thoughts don’t come out, they fester within, and like you said it can get to a place of consuming us. Dude I get this in my own life too. It’s cool to hear that you’ve got writing as a way to bypass that kind of internal block - to get it out of your head. There’s something powerful about working with our own limitations to still achieve that kind of positive effect - to not give up just because our expression doesn’t look like what we wish it would - but to say, I’m still going to do it, I’m still going to share this. I admire that.