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From knitmommafl: struggling with conflicts with my daughter and my ex. She breaks my heart and makes me think that I’m not a good mom. I always seem to be someone who tries hard

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knit - that’s the kind of pain that cuts so deep. It is despairing…it’s the exact opposite of everything you’ve hoped for - a kind of nightmare come true. To feel like you’ve given so much of yourself to your daughter, only for her to despise you. It’s easy to wonder where things went wrong, to wish sometimes you’d wake up and things be different…to be able to hit a reset button…and those fantasies only fuel the disappointment when you come crashing back to reality when she’s cutting you down. And then to feel like these messages are only echoed by your ex. Feels like there are a million ways where the world is saying - YOU’RE FAILING. It can be so haunting. It’s hard to outlive the identity your loved ones give you. You know your heart is not what is reflected back to you through their words, but it’s hard to believe that when the messages is so consistently opposite of what you hope would be true. It is such a heavy weight to bear