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From lolaa_martinez1: yes , i have started writing since high school, that was 15 years ago and i still go on…sometimes i can write pages n pages of what is going on in my heart and mind, to just let it all out, it’s an amazing feeling …

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Wow - that is awesome. Crazy that you have this habit / outlet / safe place that you’ve clung to for FIFTEEN YEARS - that’s a long time! What are some of the seasons that you’ve needed that coping mechanism in particular?

It’s truly wonderful to hear about how writing has been a crutch for you throughout the years. Not only you’ve started to use writing as a personal outlet, but you also kept this practice with you all along. It’s so very inspiring. And to rejoice with you: YES, there is something absolutely powerful in just letting it all out. No matter how it’s said, no matter the structure, no matter what it looks like: these words are yours. It’s your world. Something you own entirely. What a special treasure it is to have a practice and a space, right there in the words you write, where you can be yourself unapologetically. So very glad you have this flourishing garden of yours.

@heartsupportwall2 during cold weather i get to use it a little more often, i am very sensitive when it comes to cold weather since we are losing a lot of natural light from the sun here in Canada :canada:,

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Can only imagine how it is in Canada! (French pal here). I hope that during those times, you get all the cozy vibes inside inside of your home while you’re writing. It can be so comforting to proceed to have this time dedicated to yourself, to your heart, while staying inside, away from the cold weather.

@heartsupportwall3 yeah im a bit of a mama bear under hibernation :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

@heartsupport and i have kept some of my old notebooks from a couple of years ago …just to remind me of how my mind used to be and how much i used to worry about things that would matter so much the minute it happened to me …is it gold on paper ? who knows …lol

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SO exciting when you have something that can give you perspective of your own growth. I just had a moment like that with my kids a couple weekends ago where I recognized how much I’ve grown as a dad - it feels rare (to me at least, being my own worst critic) to have moments where I feel truly proud of myself. It’s awesome that you can use that old journal to remind yourself that you should be proud of who you’ve become and how much you’ve grown.

@heartsupport thank you❤️

This is wonderful! – keeping old notebooks. I personally never managed to throw away any of mine, but also never dared to open them again. Weirdly enough, it’s quite intimidating and scary. Maybe because there’s always a “what if?” in the back of my mind, and eventually the fear of feeling too much the same wounds. Although with your message it is very encouraging and inspiring to see how you’ve personally experienced this practice. It brings a different perspective, with a needed distance that only time and new life experiences can bring, which completely makes sense. There’s definitely something beautiful and worth it in the process of seeing all the steps you’ve taken through your own journey, seeing how much you have changed, grown, how much you have learned through it all… And even more: how resilient you are, because you’ve made it through all of your bad days, and cherished all the good ones. Absolutely love this and your outlook on writing as a regular – and healing – practice. It’s a very special gift to give yourself by self-reflecting in a way that is safe and healthy. May this habit keep being a huge crutch of yours whenever you need it. Appreciate you a lot for sharing all of this.