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From I can agree that our mind is our enemy, I just finished free-writing in my public speaking class, and I’m glad I was able to write how I feel on paper, and to have someone to actually listen to my words in writing. Thank you,


Hi, thank you for sharing here. I’m glad that writing has been a successful outlet for you – it’s wonderful to find positive coping strategies. It’s so true that our mind can sometimes be our own worst enemy. With that said, I’m glad that you’ve decided to respond here and want to encourage you to share with us, anytime, if there’s anything on your mind (you can find us on – let’s bring those thoughts to the light, together. Thank you, once more, for being here.

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Hey there, what a beautiful project that you’ve accomplished there! Writing can be such a powerful outlet, even just to clear out the thoughts that tend to pile up in our mind over time. Free writing even more is a practice that always fascinated me for the freedom it provides. But it’s always been intimidating to me personally, as it really requires to let go for a given time, to step away from all the worries and fears that may arise so quickly. Although it must be quite an interesting exercise especially to identify those thoughts AND express yourself in a way that is truly unique, authentic. So proud of you for doing this, and even more for sharing it with others! That is such a beautiful testimony of vulnerability and courage at the same time. I’m so very glad that this was for you an opportunity to connect with others a different level – maybe even a more meaningful one. Nothing more powerful than being heard and seen as our authentic self.

Out of curiosity, if I may ask, is writing something that you often practice, or was this exercise in your speaking class something that you did for the first time?

Thank you once again for sharing this part of your life with us here. It surely brings a smile and plenty of inspiration.

From: Mystrose

Writing bout the enemy in your head and being able to have someone listen is pretty powerful and I’m happy you were able to do that. Thank you for sharing!

Hi love my life,
thank you for sharing. that is brave from you. writing out your mind is wonderful and relieving so many times.
happy for you, stay it like that and you are loved friend, you matter :purple_heart:

From: ren

Hello! Talking about what goes on in our heads takes a lot of courage. I’m glad you had a chance to write about it and be heard. Thank you very much for writing!

Thank you for sharing here my friend. You are so very right, our mind can very much be our enemy. To be able to actually write about it, talk about it and know that someone listened sounds like a great accomplishment.

Hi, @marshalldbdx thanks for sharing.

It’s great that you worked through your feelings by putting them down on paper. Writing about our emotions is challenging to master and takes courage. Is this something you can do regularly, or was it just on this occasion?

It is true our mind can be our enemy. However, with time and the right help, it is possible to re-train your thinking patterns so that you feel this way less often. A trained therapist can guide you through this process.

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