From maybe-haley grieving the loss of a deeply imp

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From maybe_haley: grieving the loss of a deeply important friendship. we went in different ways and they no longer have space for me in the same way, and I have to decide if how things have to be is okay with me. It’s hard to have poured years into this relationship only to be left high and dry.

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@maybe_haley Gosh, it must have been such a brutal transition for you. Coming from pouring into a friendship that matters very much to you, to being somehow forced to deal with the distance that has grown between you. It’s so hard when you are part of a relationship yet fundamental decisions are made for you somehow, and not with you. It’s as if the possibility to decide, choose - to feel like having some shared ownership - is taken away from you, whether it is to life circumstances or decisions coming from others. Through this important change in your life, I hope that the answers to the question “is this situation okay with me?” will lead you to yet another level of acceptance and peace. That you will find closure in a way that is meaningful to you personally. With time, it is possible to replace this friendship in a specific time of your own journey, and to cherish all the good that came out of it. The time, energy and care you’ve poured into this friendship was not wasted, even if the coming of its end makes it feel that way for now. <3 - Micro

@maybe_haley it’s so hard to lose a friendship. To have such an intimate relationship with someone to share laughs and heartaches and then to have it all go away. Especially after you’ve given so much it can feel like well what’s the point, why try if this is the outcome? I bet it feels really painful and maybe even makes you want to isolate yourself from others. It’s tempting to do so, but I’m so glad that even tho you’ve been hurt yih reached out here. That was really brave. I hope you continue to reach out I know there are many beautiful friendships out there for you - taylor

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