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From mpicreates: I can absolutely relate to struggling to wade through my thoughts. When my anxiety gets really bad I can’t slow my brain down enough to deal with all the thoughts coming in.

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And then the thoughts continue on top of that, and it feels like waves crashing on top of waves, and it’s easy to get lost and forget that the flow is ever still.

I feel like when I’m in the midst of that, I get to this place of a kind of downward momentum - like a vortex that sucks me in, and I feel like the only way out is coping in unhealthy ways. It’s almost like a riptide, if we keep the water metaphor.

It’s hard to feel like there are moments where we lose our footing, even when we felt solid just the moment before. I appreciate hearing you share because it reminds me this thing that happens in my mind - it’s not just me.

@heartsupportwall4 Dude yes! That’s exactly how it feels. Just overwhelming and it’s so difficult to find your way out of it.

Thank you so much for sharing, MPI. Somehow, the rush of thoughts that anxiety brings up can be reassuring. It may seem and feel chaotic on the outside (and even internally), but it is still this familiar chaos that drives us at the moment. But with it, everything becomes urgent, a priority to deal with – we desperately try to regain control in the middle of it.There’s no time to think properly, no time to push away what’s unnecessary… it’s overwhelming beyond measure. I hate that you got to experience this with your anxiety, and deeply relate to what you describe. Anxiety is such a burden that no one should ever have to carry. There are times when I thought my anxiety would always control the way I feel, and the amount of freedom I can pretend to have on a daily basis. During some seasons of life, my axneity was just this force that was continuously reducing my ability to decide and do what I really wanted. There’s something scary in knowing that there are times when our mind makes us lose touch, when fear drives us, while knowing rationally that it isn’t necessarily right. Not only we’re aware of how it limits us, but also that it doesn’t serve us as it should. Thank you for talking about it, and thank you for being you, friend. I’m sure that a lot of people can relate to your words, and that it would be bringing some confort to them. It surely does to me. <3

From: ManekiNeko

hey mpi! Gosh it can be such a stressful thing when the thoughts come crashing in so hard and fast. It can be overwhelming to create room to reorganise them or even quiet them. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. What does it look like for you to cope with gaining control over those thoughts?

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