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From rachlovesdogs: I could be listening to my partner saying this. He said exactly the same thing. Unfortunately, he had another relapse and the failure was too much for him and he died two days before becoming an inpatient. Thanks for sharing this, I wish he’d have seen it. Knowing he wasn’t alone was helpful to him in his years that he did have sober.


Thank you for sharing this with us. Loss of a loved one in this way is impossible to express. I hope that the more our stories are shared, all of us, the less alone we can all feel.

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Hey Rachel. My heart goes out to you. Losing the person you love in these circumstances is such a brutal, traumatic experience. I’m sorry that your partner left this world too soon. There was – and is – without any doubt a lot of love between you two, and I’m sure that your love has helped him feel more confident and hopeful during times when he needed it. I hear what you say and how much we feel this need to think of all the “what if” after we lose someone. What could have we done to prevent it. It’s hard to compose with how reality is, with the emptiness, the void they left, and accept that what we have offered was alreagy strong and beautiful. You have been by his side when he has experienced sobriety, and he saw in himself strengths that maybe he could have never seen without you. You have been a truly, beautiful ally. Sending friendly hugs your way. <3

Hey Rachel, sending friendly thoughts your way today. I hope you take good care of yourself. <3

@heartsupport :heart: thanks==

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