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From tillas_89: I’m seeing my family today and it’s always when my depression really flairs up. I’m the failure of the family, not that they’ll say anything ever, but I know. I’m not successful in my career, a recovering addict and don’t even earn a quarter of what my siblings does. I’ve been thinking about driving my car off a bridge on the way home, but know I won’t commit because even if I do, I’ll probably fuck that up too as I do with everything and only hurt someone else. Life is just getting me down, and I don’t know how much longer I can take it


You sound like someone who’s fought the harshness that addiction can traumatise you with and have been winning. I’m so proud of you. If nobody has told you that today or even ever, I am proud of you.
They may earn more monetary wise, but you’ve literally won your life back.
I hope you have ir at least consider reaching out to professional support through this time. You are so loved and valued. You deserve to find peace and happiness in life

@heartsupportwall6 thank you for your kindness. I am seeing a professional and it does help a lot. Some days are just so much harder than others. Much love and respect for helping so many :blue_heart:

From: heybrainwaitwhat (Twitch)

i hear you. whenever comparing myself to others it is easy to think i am not good enough, lacking skills and stuff. but then, ask yourself. are you maybe just better with other things? not everyone has to be good with numbers or super strong or earning alot of money. most important is that you do something that makes you happy and there you will be good at. sending hugs <3

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My friend, thank you for sharing with us. I understand that feeling of not being enough or as good as. I went through that with my family. But - it’s a lie. You are more than enough and here’s why I say this: You are tackling the huge job of recovery. That is a huge f’ing deal my friend. Good on you. It’s a hard fight, but you can do this. The thing is you really can’t compare yourself to anyone else. It just doesn’t work. You are you and you are unique. You have worth and value, and your path is not the same as anyone else. It’s yours. Do not let your family define you if they do it on negative terms. You are more than you realize. You have strength someone who hasn’t walked in your shoes can never have. Thank you for staying here on this earth and for continuing the fight. You are worth it.

From: oldmordim (Twitch)

friend, you never have to compare yourself or feel judged. each person’s experiences is relative, we fight our own battles each day. seeing the next morning & sharing life and love with others through purpose or acts of integrity & kindness is real. you will have many good moments in your life and in the life of others & you will gain more purpose tthose days.

hey friend, thank you so much for being open about things in your life. your life has infinite value and your recovery is a testmanent to your perserverance. salary and job type does not define your value as a human being who has love to give and love to receive. comparison and convincing ourselves that we are a disappointment to others can be so incredibly frustrating. focusing on our strengths is pivotal in moments like these. like you may not make as much but your life path has given you different experiences and barriers to overcome. you matter. you are loved. you are so strong. i believe in you. sending you so much love and comfort. -twix

From: oldmordim (Twitch)

just by sharing here with others, you have shown true bravery and understanding. from now on you will hopefully start to realise, that in itself was a priceless turning point for you many who read it.

From: drums2groove2 (Twitch)

i have to go, celebrate the life i didn’t end myself and enjoy my 61st birthday with loved ones. this would not be so if i didn’t fight to stay alive! listen to what these guys are saying and remember, you matter!!

Hi Friend,
i am sorry to hear all that. i can relate to that. it is hard to see our worth, when other are successful in life, when life
is making us believe that things like success, a career is what is about, or earning, material stuff. but it is not.
what life should be about is being a human being, being kind to others and love.
that is what should matter more in our lifes. you will do great. you are loved and you matter most !
feel hugged my friend :purple_heart:

Hey Tillas89,

Dan and Casey responded to your topic today live on stream with some wonderful words of love and encouragement.

Here is a link to the video of their response that you can watch anytime you need some support.