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From twiggyzal: I feel that almost all the time.

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Hi Friend, Thank you for your comment. I am so sorry you feel that you are a burden to others. That is a horrible feeling to have when you have every right to have your needs met as everyone else whatever they are and sometimes are needs are slightly more than others and sometimes slightly less but that doesnt make either a burden. If you are having any worries and you want to share them and you dont know who to share them with you can always talk on the heartsupport forum, we all love to support and encourage as many as we can. Perhaps you could explain what makes you feel the way you do?
You are worthy and loved friend
Lisa x

Feeling like a burden to others is self a burden to carry, and I’m so very thankful that you have made the choice to share it today. You don’t have to live with these thoughts just on your own, and thankfully there are people who are willing to listen, welcome you with open arms. No matter what you struggle with, no matter what makes you feel like a burden, you will never be a burden for being, fundamentally, human. It’s okay to not always be okay. It’s okay to say it. It’s okay to ask for help. Of course, not everyone is the right person to listen, but reaching out will never make you a burden.

One of the greatest gifts that life has to offer is to experience connectedness with others, to defeat a sense of loneliness by sharing our voice, and realizing that more people than we thought at first can actually understand how we feel. This voice that tells you that you shouldn’t open up or say “I need a friend to listen” is not one that you deserve to live with. I’m so very grateful that you’ve defeated this voice today. There is so much life within you that deserves to be seen, heard, cared for. <3