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Front lines

Hey everyone I need prayer request I am so scared of this virus I have been on the front lines fighting to help people save life’s I am a first responder and a firefighter ever since The virus has broken out I have seen things that I I cannot get out of my head we are sitting up a quarantine facility for the infected the national guard is about two lockdown the entire state pray for me and and my fellow firefighters as we try to save everyone


Hey @Robken8504,

Thank you so much the work you’re doing. I can only imagine how stressful it is to be on front lines like that. I hope you guys stay safe as much as possible and received all the extra-equipment you may need to face that. I also hope for you to find some rest and relief as soon as possible. I guess everything seems to go pretty fast there and you don’t really have the time to process. So I’m glad you managed to post this despite the circumstances. Don’t hesitate to vent as much as needed, friend, and as much as possible. My thoughts go to you right now, entirely. Rooting for you. :heart:

From: echoewings

You are an angel, and your altruistic generosity is incredibly brave. Not everyone could set aside their personal interest and risk everything to support their community during this time. You and your colleagues will be on my heart <3

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From: ladytapioca

Thank you friend so much for doing the work you do. I am so sorry you have been put through so much stress. I personally cannot imagine the things you have had to do or things you saw. But I am grateful for people like you, what you do saves people and give people even a small glimmer of hope. Thank you so so so much friend. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Hold fast.

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From: justinyummerz

From a former First Responder to a current First Responder, thank you for doing what you do. It may be a hard time right now but this is what we love to do so keep going.


From: wasabi76

Please stay strong, your help is making a difference to a ton of people and I appreciate the hell out of it!!! You are doing the work that most of us are too scared to do and I respect your courage. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, you matter - stay strong and safe through this.

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From: snowflake_blossom

Hey friend. Thank you for posting and for what you and your group are doing… We can get through this together. We’re all going through this scary situation and we will pull through. If we all stick together, we can make it past this. I’m scared too because there are over 1 thousand cases in my state but we’re all supporting one another. Thank you again for posting and for what you’re doing.

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Hey @Robken8504
First thank you for sharing and for your service during this crazy time.

I am apart of a men’s group that just hang out and discuss theology to whats going on in our life. One member just posted that his boss who is a volunteer FireFighter has had serious two suicide calls since the quarantine time has happened. Its nothing like he has ever seen. This is seriously hard times for mental health and you sir are not alone in this. I personally will be praying for you and your team.

Hold Fast
Morgan Vincent Hochstetler
HS Intern


Hey friend,

Sending you love and prayers. I know we talked a little bit before, where you had mentioned someone you knew. I just wanted to tell you again thank you for the things that you do. For your sacrifice. I don’t want to be too much of a broken record and repeat my last message to you. But I just wanted to take a second to send you some love. Know that you are loved and valued here.

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Hey @Robken8504 thank you for what your hard work and dedication, we are all praying for you. We discussed your topic on the HeartSupport Twitch stream. Here’s the live video response

Hold fast


Thank you so much :heart:


Even heroes need help; even rescuers need rescuing sometimes. There is no shame in taking a break. If you have a nervous breakdown, or work when you are exhausted, it won’t help anybody, but could lead to poor decisions. Thanks for all of your work and effort!

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