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Future scares me


Hi everybody.

I’m not sure where to start but all I know is that right now I feel really scared, anxious and lost about my future. I just graduated from college and still have to work on my thesis, also I must find a job and it turned out that I need to find a new house or apartment. It all feels like too much and it all came suddenly. God, I don’t feel like I can do this. I can’t stop thinking about all of those things and how it affects my plan for next year. I applied and was accepted for a semester abroad with a non-profit organisation that do community service and music shows and stuff. But even getting a scholarship I need to raise plenty of money and all these upcoming changes make it all more difficult.

I’m scared of not getting the money for this travel which I’ve been super excited about, and honestly, I don’t wanna move home, also I can’t believe it’s that hard to find a job of basically anything. I feel like I’m just can’t do it this time because I feel so small. And I tried to talk to my parents about how this situation makes me feel but they just tell me to calm down and I’m like “that’s what I’m trying to do!” but in the end it’s like if I can’t have a moment to be fragile and break down and whatever. I just wanted them to listen. I’m really lost and scared it makes it hard to breathe, that’s all.


Hey friend,

First off, getting a job is super hard. All you can really do is stick with it and hope for the best. When I was applying, I tried to set a quota for the day and stick to that.

And I also completely understand where you’re coming from with the financial situation. I was lucky enough to find a fairly cheap house to live in, but I’m also studying abroad next semester and that will cost more than my normal tuition. I’m also thankful that my dad started a college savings account for me when I was born so that I will have most of my college costs covered by the time I graduate. However, I still have other financial needs (like, paying for my $2k hospital bill, taking care of my pet, and buying gas to travel home). My job this summer is minimum wage and that makes me a bit anxious about finances, and I don’t have the time nor mental capacity to take on another job. I don’t have a ton of advice for you other than it may be wise to make some sort of financial plan (it doesn’t have to be a formal one), ask around for a place to stay until you can find your own if possible, and as for your parents, maybe you could talk to them about the situation from a more financial standpoint if you haven’t already done that (though some parents are just stubborn and may not listen regardless of how you say your thing). I hope this helps. Keep perservering and good things will come.

<3 hold fast <3



hey ada line

The future is scary thing to worry about, their a lot of possible of things going wrong and dont know what going to happen. But you dont know what good can happen in future too. Alan watts, said do not fear the future, (even thou it hard) becuase you fearing something not real. Like fearing the past is not a real thing. You wasted this enegry for fearing and preparing for the future, where you can use in the present. Even as simple just enjoying the little stuff. Trying gives you some stuff that relaxing like walking or even laying down for an hour ( as long it not whole day). Remeber just live in the present and not worring about the future.