General life update 4(Tested positive TW)

GOOD news and BAD news

I went back to that app and made an account again this week. IMMEDIATELY flooded with I love you’s and I miss you’s.

It was an interesting feeling to be embraced like that. But I really felt loved in that moment.

I made a group chat and added people I liked there. And the thing is, I felt somewhat comfortable and I didn’t feel left out of the conversations. Most of them are from South Asia so sometimes they switch between English and their native language. I like learning about different cultures so I’m excited to get to know more about that.

There’s one person in particular who I think I can really get along with. They are Nepali and they know alot about stuff like wicthcraft and the paranormal which so happens to be my favorite interest. Everyone looks up to her and considers her an older sister and she jokes about haveing many children. She was always really kind and a bit wise. We love her

I was writing this is on another document so I can copy and paste it here and something recent happened.

My littlest brother tested positive for Covid-19 and now everyone in the house has it. My second youngest brother has it bad. He threw up blood and is feeling absolutely terrible. And this is the first time I have ever seen him cry in years. And I just got the virus today. I was going to get the vaccine today but I caught it already and had to cancel the appointment.

I can’t go to school next week now and we’re all staying home.


UPDATE again sorry. Turns out my second youngest brother does not have covid but I do. I think we need to take him to the ER because whatever he has isn’t normal. His stomach is in pain and he feels terrible. I’m really sad about this right now


I hope they figure out what is wrong with your brother and everyone in your home including you comes out of this healthy :crossed_fingers:

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It is amazing how interactions online have extended our ability to communicate and learn about one another. Sometimes for the worst, but also sometimes for the best! It’s so good to hear how this app has been impacting you positively. The people you describe sound lovely and it’s definitely interesting to get to know different cultures than ours, especially when it’s directly from people’s daily life, and not books, documentaries or whatever. May this be a (renewed) beginning for something really fulfilling to you!

As for your little brother, I am so sorry that he was sick like this. Hoping with all my heart that your family and him got answers regarding what he could have, and that he’s been recovering since then. Hoping as well that covid hasn’t been met with bad symptoms for you. Your family and you are in my thoughts.

Hold Fast. :hrtlegolove:

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