Getting Results

I’m about to have my official evaluation to see if I am on the Autism Spectrum.
It’ll be like a 2 hour session, and it starts in 37 minutes, I’m literally sweating right now I’m so anxious.

I hope this goes quickly. I hope it’s not really as nerve-wracking as I’m anticipating.


Hey @bluejay_18,

Take some deep breaths. You will be okay. I know this evaluation has been something you’ve been really waiting for, but also that the process itself can be scary. Somehow, through school and work, we’re so used to “evaluations” to be something we have to perform. Keep in mind that in this context, it is totally different. You are not there to prove anything. The process itself is made to learn to know you better and how you function in your life. There is no good or bad outcome. Only the perspective of a step forward to you, whether it validates or invalidates a potential diagnosis.

You will still be you once it’s done. Nothing will ever change that. :hrtlegolove:


From: faetheproud (Twitch)

i feel you. whenever i have an audition i get super anxious. i shake like mad. please don’t beat yourself up if it didn’t go how you thought it would. i know i have trouble with that. thank you for posting. i hope this test gives you clarity <3


From: mrwapiti (Twitch)

hey friendo, it’s not a test you can fail or win, just to help you discover yourself going forward, my niece recently got diagnosed as autistic after 24 years and i still love her just as much as before <3 .


From: zaichroah (Twitch)

whatever happens, it doesn’t define you. it’s just a small aspect of who you are. tests can be scary, but they are important for whatever reason you need to get them. you’re strong, you got this. much love <3


From: towersxbaby_ (Twitch)

hey buddy! i know exactly how you feel. both my kids have autism and i’ve watched them go through the assesments and it is totally normal to feel the way you are. you can take breaks if you need it and i hope it all goes ok! we’re here


From: alwaysblue_ (Twitch)

i can completely relate, but the best is that you can know yourself better, and you shall never let some kind of test (or anything, really) let you down. stay strong <3


From: billnash (Twitch)

anxiety for ‘facing the music’ is super rough for the add/adhd crowd, it’s something i’ve struggled with most of my life, even though i wasn’t diagnosed as adhd until my mid 30s. just getting up the courage to go through the process was hard, but it taught me a new mantra: it’s not weakness to seek help. whatever the evaluation results are, gi joe had it right: knowing is half the battle. there is nothing more helpful than understanding yourself. it can only get better with awareness.


Hi Thanks for your post
I guess you have had that your evaluation now, It must have been a very stressful thing to go through but so worthwhile as the results will go such a long way to helping towards a better future for you.
I hope it went well and I would love to hear about it and more about how you are doing in the future.
Take care
Much Love
Lisa :heart:


Hey bluejay_18

Dan and Casey responded to your topic today on our live stream with some wonderful encouragement!

Here is a link to their response


From: heartsupport (Twitch)

my dear friend, it can seem like the world can be against you when it involves something or someone that you love. please know how we can help support and encourage you! you are loved, you matter! hrtlegolove

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